serving-handsWe believe that following Jesus doesn’t just happen during a church service on Sunday mornings.  At FIF we teach that serving the world is a huge part of following Jesus.  Our job isn’t to judge those who aren’t yet following Jesus.  Instead, we’re to be loving and gracious to people in a practical way. Here at FIF, we have several initiatives that we support with our finances, time, and skills.  We encourage people to do just that-serve the world with their finances, time, and skills.  We serve the world locally, regionally, and globally.


You don’t have to leave Pitt County to find a mission field.  There are thousands of people in our own back yard that need to experience the love of Jesus practically.  Here are some of the local opportunities we are currently involved in:

1209:  Every Saturday morning, volunteers from several Greenville churches cook and serve breakfast for neighborhood residents in west Greenville.  Devotions, prayer, and a discipleship group are all a part of 1209’s ministry.  1209 is an outreach of the Third Street Community Center.

Hope of Glory Ministries:  Hope of Glory is “a Christ-centered community outreach ministry committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship and the distribution of food, clothes, hygiene products and household items to those in need throughout Pitt County.”  They assist thousands of people every year.


We also support several initiatives outside of Pitt County that are still here in eastern North Carolina.  There are opportunities to volunteer, donate goods, and give financially.  Here are the regional opportunities we currently support:

Roanoke Christian Camp: Since 1945, Roanoke Christian Camp has provided Christian education to youth through summer programs.  Thousands of kids have been served at RCC, many of whom have gone on to Bible College and full time Christian ministry.  The camp operates through the support of Christian Churches.

Mid-Atlantic Christian University: Since 1948, MACU has been training men and women for Christian service.  MACU grads serve in multiple fields around the globe.

GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES                              

Although it’s easier to serve locally and regionally, God asks that the church also serve globally.  There are billions who haven’t heard the name of Jesus.  Here are the global initiatives we support:

Central India Christian Mission:  From the CICM website:  “CICM responds to the needs of the people in central and northern India as well as three neighboring countries, and serves people through local outreach, medical care, disaster relief, training and discipleship.”

Pioneer Bible TranslatorsOver 1,500 languages don’t have a single word of Scripture.  Pioneer Bible Translators hopes to have Scripture for each of those language by 2050.