Following Jesus is about much more than attending a church service.  It’s a way of life. At FIF, we’re focused on helping people take steps toward loving God, loving people, and serving the world.  It includes serving our community, hanging out with friends who are following Jesus and it means allowing God to transform our lives to look more and more like Jesus.

The Journey

Attending a Sunday service is just one step in the journey toward following Jesus.  As with any journey, there are steps we take to get us where we need to be. At FIF, we recognize every person’s spiritual journey is unique, but we’ve designed a path to give people direction as they grow in their spiritual journey.

For most, a helpful progression is to go from attending a Sunday Gathering to joining a Fellowship Group and then Serving on a Ministry Team.

Sunday Gathering

Our Sunday Gathering (10:30 AM) is a safe place where people can explore faith, but to also teach people the truth they need to know, and to challenge them to apply that truth to their lives.

Fellowship Groups

Following Jesus was never meant to be done alone.  It is meant to be done in community.  Fellowship groups consist of 8-12 people who commit to doing life together regularly.  We eat together, catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives, and we take the scripture covered in the weekly message and apply it practically to our lives.  Fellowship Groups will be our main avenue to service to the community. Check out what we have going on.